MVP's E.M.T. Strategy 

MVP provides Enterprise Level Management to larger organizations in need of higher level IT and Security Consulting. MVP puts together an Executive Management Team (E.M.T.) of our highest level executives, managers, engineers, and partner success team members to create a high level team dedicated to you and your business. This team's goal is to communicate with you and your team on a weekly basis with a scheduled call and work together to continue to enhance, organize and strategize about your business' IT and Security needs. 

This Service Also Includes: 

  • Replacing a Single Point of Conatct, w/ 5 Dedicated MVP High Level Team Members 6 Ta da

  • Tenured and Experienced MVP IT Professionals ​

  • Weekly Fixed Meetings 

  • Realtime Project Reporting​

  • Collaborative Solution Development​

  • Strategic Roadmap Development​

  • Research & Developement on Industry-Leading Solutions 

  • Consistent and Clear Communication
  • No Single Point of Failure 

  • vCIO Services