COVID-19 has been classified as a pandemic. It can be overwhelming for business leaders not prepared for the fallout of such a global health crisis. While it’s a daunting task to take on, we are here to help. Don’t panic: prepare!

This quick checklist will shine a light on the current state of your preparation for the fallout of this global health crisis, and show you the steps to resolve any issues discovered.

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Remote Work Readiness

Home computers and networks are ready for remote work for all employees

  • Home computers are business class
  • Home computers have a compliant Operating System
  • Home computers are patched and have current antivirus protection
  • Home computers have a webcam
  • Home internet connections are adequate


 Remote work applications are ready to perform high-quality remote work

  • Video conferencing with screen sharing application is installed
  • Team collaboration/instant messaging application is installed
  • Secure File share and sync is available
  • Remote desktop applications are installed


 Education and training for effective remote work are available


 A Remote Work Policy is available to govern the regulations and processes around security and data management


 Internet bandwidth is adequate for the increased traffic

  • Fiber or high capacity broadband connection


The internal network is ready to manage the increased remote work

  • Quality of switches are adequate (business class, licensing current)
  • Quality of UPS is adequate
  • Quality of firewalls is adequate
  • Quality of servers is adequate


Business Continuity Plan

  The IT Architecture is ready to handle a disaster, fail or relocation

  • Automatic cloud backup is installed
  • Business applications are cloud hosted


   There is a Business Continuity Plan in place and people know the process

  • Business Continuity Plan is available
  • Disaster Recovery Plan is available
  • Central monitoring and alerts are set up
  • Capacity of backup is adequate
  • Critical assets are identified
  • Communication plan is distributed


Enhanced Security Measures

  The user security is enhanced for the increased remote work and potential security incidents

  • Online user security training system is available
  • Multifactor authentication is available
  • Disk encryption is available where needed


  The network security is enhanced for the increased remote work an potential cyber threats

  • Email encryption is available where needed
  • AV/Malware protection is set
  • Spam filtering is set
  • VPN is set


Phone System

  You have the ability to forward phones to cell phones


  Remote access to the phone system is configured if needed (e.g. for outbound calls with company caller ID)


  Phone tree has been updated to reflect staffing changes


  Staff without access to phones have set appropriate voicemail greetings

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