COVID has impacted every industry in one way or another. Many organizations that used to have bustling offices in downtown centers are now handling a transition to remote work. Some companies, such as Facebook and Shopify, have even transitioned to permanent work-from-home plans.

Whether your Buffalo, NY organization plans to make remote work a temporary change or a permanent model, it's essential you get the cyber security support in Buffalo you need, to protect your company.

Current Work Climate in Buffalo

BuffaloCityHall Black and WhiteBuffalo has one of the largest numbers of remote workers in the state of New York. Unsurprisingly, New York is the leading state for remote workers in the United States. Buffalo is home to major corporations specializing in tech, financial services, and education. Like every other city, Buffalo's workplaces have been impacted by COVID and the companies that have thrived have been the ones who were quick to embrace remote work options.

Why You Should Make Cyber Security Buffalo a Priority

When your employees transition to remote work, it's important to consider cyber security. Remote work is an entirely new experience for most people. Only 29% of people were previously allowed to work from home before COVID. Your employees will be accessing your private networks and company information from their homes. This increases the company's vulnerability to a data breach.

In order to ensure that working from home doesn't result in a cyber attack on your business, it's essential to set up remote systems properly, educate your employees on suspicious signs that indicate an attack, and outsource Network and IT management in Buffalo.

Some of the most common hazards of a remote workforce are:

  • Home Wi-Fi usually is less protected compared to company-wide Wi-Fi connections

  • Phishing scams that require just one employee to click on a dangerous link for the hacker to gain access to everything

  • Insecure passwords that are easily hacked

The right IT management company can help your organization with extra network security with:

  • Full disk encryption

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • SIEM

  • Advanced threat protection

  • User behavior analytics

  • Password management

Ultimately, though, it will also be up to you to educate your employees on the importance of cyber security. Workers should understand how to spot a suspicious email and what the company protocol is if they believe they've been compromised.

MVP Offers Computer and IT Support in Buffalo

As we step into a new future of employees working from home, it's essential organizations take steps to protect themselves. Your IT department may not have the capability to quickly and effectively adapt to new cyber security needs for a remote workforce.

Luckily, you can outsource your Network and It Management needs to service providers that specialize in cyber security. MVP is a Buffalo-based company that offers a comprehensive suite of IT support and consulting services.

And, right now, MVP is offering a Complimentary Cyber Security and Network Assessment of Your Current IT Network and Infrastructure. This free service provides you a report of any and all security concerns and recommendations to increase efficiency in your network. Get started today!