The Top 5 Tricks, Sneaky Schemes And Gimmicks
They Use To Hack Your Computer Network

Cyber_Security.jpgThe contemporary world is rife with digital thieves. They’re penetrating the complicated data structures of huge credit-monitoring companies like Equifax, scooping up the personal information of millions of people. They’re releasing sensitive customer data to the public from discreet businesses like Ashley Madison. They’re watching webcam feeds of our celebrities without them knowing; they’re locking down the systems of public utilities like the German railway system; they’re even managing to steal thousands of gigabytes of information directly from high-profile government entities like the CIA.
They’re also targeting small businesses exactly like your own and extorting them for thousands and thousands of dollars. When running a company, it’s vital to have a dedicated security team, equipped with the most up-to-the-minute security technology, on your side to protect you from these malicious cyberthreats. But it’s not enough to leave it to somebody else. You also need to be informed. Here are five of the most common ways hackers infiltrate your network:

1. Phishing Scams

You receive an e-mail in your work inbox coming directly from a high-ranking employee with whom you’ve been working on a project. Inside is a link he needs you to click to access some “vital information,” but when you click it, it rapidly installs a host of malware on the computer, spreads through the network and locks out everyone in the company.
Phishing scams are the oldest trick in a hacker’s book – ever received one of those “Nigerian Prince” scams? – but they’re still wildly successful. Not only that, but they’re becoming increasingly more sophisticated. As Thomas Peters writes for “Newsweek,” “The best messages look like they’re trying to protect the company. One well-meaning system administrator even offered to post a PDF that could deliver malware on an internal server because it was called, ‘How to avoid a phishing attack.’” How’s that for irony?

2. Social Engineering

Social engineering is a type of “hacking” that uses real, well-intentioned people to carry out its schemes, rather than intricate lines of code. This is especially effective for gathering sensitive information that can later be used in another type of attack – e-mail passwords used for phishing scams, for example. Maybe your IT guy receives a call from the “secretary” of one of your clients, pretending that they’re experiencing problems with your service due to some firewall, a problem that your IT professional is more than happy to help out with. Before you know it, the caller knows the ins and outs of your entire security system, or lack thereof. Social engineers have been known to use phone company customer service departments, Facebook and other services to gather Social Security or credit card numbers, prepare for digital robbery and even change the passwords to your central data network security.

3. Password Hacking

You may think that your passwords are clever and complicated, filled with exclamation points and random numbers, but it’s rarely enough. With information gathered carefully from social engineering or a simple check on your employees’ social media accounts, hackers can easily use brute-force to figure out that your password is the name of the family dog, followed by your anniversary (for example). That’s if they didn’t already manage to steal your password through one of the techniques listed above.

4. Fault Injection

Sophisticated hackers can scan your business’s network or software source code for weak points. Once they’re located, they can surgically attempt to crash the system through snippets of code they splice in expressly for that purpose. Different commands can do different things, whether they want to deliver a devastating virus, redirect links on your website to malicious malware or steal and erase vast swathes of information.

5. USB-based Malware

At the last conference you attended, someone probably handed out free branded USB sticks to keep their business top-of-mind. Hackers will sometimes covertly slip a bunch of infected USB sticks into a company’s stash. The instant somebody tries to use one, their computer is taken over by ransomware.

So What Can I Do About It?

It’s a scary world out there, with virtually everyone left vulnerable to digital attack. Knowing the strategies hackers deploy is half the battle. But, frankly, these techniques are constantly changing; it’s impossible to keep up by yourself.
That’s why it’s so important to utilize only the most up-to-date security solutions when protecting your business. Hackers move fast. You and your security technology need to stay one step ahead.

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International Cyber Threat to ALL Industries & Organizations!

We are sure that by now you have all heard about the new Ransomware Virus sweeping the globe and infecting hundreds of computers, called WannaCry. Clever name if you consider that when ALL of your information and data is gone, you will most definitely, WANNA CRY!



Managing a small business can be quite hard sometimes. There are so many things to figure out and so many details to prepare that will ensure both your employees and clients are happy and satisfied.


However, no matter your expertise, it is crucial that you invest in IT support to ensure your business runs smoothly behind the scenes. While at first, it may seem that hiring new network consultants can be a bad investment for a small business, the benefits cannot be argued. Here are some of the best reasons why any small business should invest in an IT consulting company.


To learn more about the cloud


Forbes magazine recently reported that four out of five small businesses will soon rely on cloud computing. This relatively new idea is known for its efficiency, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, but can be quite hard to grasp at first. So for the safety of all your secure information and data, it is wise to invest in a professional.



The digital world is transforming every single day, and it can sometimes be too overwhelming to stay on track of everything. This is where networking consulting comes in. It is their job to stay up to date on the trends after all, so you won't be left in the dark! With the help of a professional IT consulting company, you won't have to worry about handling confusing algorithms or completing difficult updates.


You need insight on what is working and what isn't


Do you feel like you're in a rut, and no matter what you do, nothing gets better? Well working with an IT professional can help solve some of your problems in that they can take an unbiased stance on exactly what is working for your business and what isn't. Sometimes all you need is a neutral opinion to get the best results for your company.


Peace of mind


Above anything else, a professional IT consulting company can give you ultimate peace of mind. Nothing beats knowing you have a professional who can handle the complexities of technology behind the scenes while you run the show!


With these benefits in mind, what are you waiting for? Our IT consultants are here ready to help.

voip solution

A growing service for personal and professional use alike is that of VOIP solutions. It's particularly popular among small businesses who are looking to either choose a new phone system or update their old one. Indeed, Infonetics Research reports that the number of seats for hosted VoIP services will double from 2012 to 2016 and in 2017, the number of mobile VoIP users is supposed to hit one billion. So why are so many businesses looking into VoIP phone solutions? There are a number of benefits to using VoIP providers instead of a traditional phone system that can be attractive to small businesses in particular.

Can You Explain What VoIP is?
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which basically breaks down to mean that you can get your phone service using the Internet, instead of through your phone company. Of course, this means you need a good Internet connection, but most businesses make that a priority.

Okay, So What are the Perks to Looking Into VoIP Solutions?

  • More Space and Easier Maintenance
    If you have a traditional phone system, you also probably have a closet full of wires, phone lines, phone switches, and the other necessary physical items needed to run the system. With VoIP, which runs over the Internet, you can nix that phone closet and use the space for something else. You can also say goodbye to the phone technician and the associated costs of having him or her come and fix whatever piece of hardware had an issue.

    With VoIP, any new changes or updates that occur with your phone system are automatically included and installed into your system as they occur, eliminating the need for a technician to come out and set it all up. No more poring over complicated user manuals or wondering what went wrong this time.
  • Gives You a Better Reach
    Is it frustrating to miss calls while you're away from your desk or traveling? With VoIP solutions, you can get calls to your line anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection -- which most people do now, thanks to phone data. And even better, long distance calls through VoIP are less expensive than phone calls done via cell phone.
  • Say Hello to a Productivity Boost
    If you're the ultimate multi-tasker, using VoIP solutions is going to be right up your alley. You can add e-mail, e-faxing, remote conferencing, and other applications to your VoIP system in addition to telephone access. This means you can be doing a host of other things while you talk on the phone -- a working dream.
  • Cut Costs
    VoIP solutions are also less expensive than traditional phone systems in a variety of ways. Not only can you cut out your phone bill and just pay the Internet bill, you also cut out maintenance and technician costs, as discussed above, and save on long-distance calls. For a small business focusing on allocating funds, using a VoIP solutions provider can be the perfect solution.

How Do I Get Hooked Up With VoIP?

Get in touch with your Internet provider. Many companies have seen how lucrative offering VoIP can be and may be able to offer a package that bundles your Internet service and VoIP together.

There are also providers that specialize in just VoIP services. A quick Internet search will yield you a host of companies who can get you started with VoIP. Depending on if you want cloud-based VoIP companies or features like automated voice systems and conference calling, you'll want to cross-check each company and compare to see which has the most advantages.

If you use an IT support company for your computers and other technology, see if they have technicians who also help with VoIP troubleshooting -- though VoIP is significantly more user-friendly, it's always good to have an expert on hand, should you need one.

Make the switch to a VoIP service today and enjoy an easier to use phone service, reduced costs, and better functionality. What's not to love?

IT consultingTechnology is everywhere, and more and more businesses and consumers are relying on the Internet for everything and anything. Since the world of technology and the Internet is constantly changing, there is more of a need than ever to invest in IT consulting for your small business. Not sure if your company is in need of network consultants? Here are some red flags to consider.

You cannot rely on your existing server

Are you constantly frustrated with your server shutting down or spending a lot of valuable time updating? Have you missed multiple messages from coworkers, which compromised your productivity? Communication is extremely vital in any business, and an it support firm will be able to set up different methods of communication that will work best for your specific business.

You can't remember the last time you updated your workplace technology

It is no secret that technology changes incredibly quickly. There are new updates to be installed regularly, and if they go unnoticed, your operating system will suffer. IT consulting will bring you in touch with new, updated technologies such as cloud computing or a VoIP server. They will also be able to offer guidance of what direction you should be going with these new technologies, and considering that the amount of mobile VoIP users will reach 1 billion by the year 2017, this is incredibly important.

You would like to train your employees, but don't know where to start

At the end of the day, there is no use in having updated technology in your office if your employees cannot use it properly. But the best training comes from professionals, so if you would like everyone to be on the same page, simply set up a training session with our IT support office and we will handle the rest!

You need a fresh perspective

Do you feel as if your company is dated and out of touch with your customers? This may be the case, but no worries as a simple network consultant can fix this quickly! They will be able to see what you are doing right, what could use some improvement, and what practices need to be stopped immediately.

Does your company need some IT consulting? Look no further than MVP solutions -- call us today for a quote!


search engine optimization

Search engine optimization can be an especially powerful tool with a little bit of dedication and persistence. However, it is much more than just keyword stuffing, and more about creating quality onsite content. The goal of content on your web page is more about piquing your customer's interest and giving them helpful information and considering that users will only read slightly more than a quarter of the content they see on the web page, you want to make it good! Here are some IT support analyst-approved tips on how to create the best onsite content to boost your SEO.

1. Know exactly who you're writing to
It is important to know your audience so you can write information that is relevant and easy to understand. If you are unsure, always assume they are complete beginners, and start out by writing introductory articles. Some good ideas include the 101s of X, X for beginners, a glossary of X, and what to know before investing in X. After writing these, you can easily move up to more experienced content.

2. Keep a FAQ section in your website
Your potential customers will most likely have a lot of common questions if they are new to your site. So to make it easier, keep a separate tab for FAQs. Doing so will also boost your search engine optimization because you will most likely be incorporating crucial keywords to your business/services.

3. Don't be afraid of pictures
Many users think that pictures won't add to their search engine optimization plans because pictures don't contain any keywords. But, pictures are actually worth a thousand words! Having pictures and other forms of media on your site can be especially beneficial not only for giving the customer more context and information but because they look enticing. And the more updated your website looks, the more intrigued customers will be, and the longer they will stay!

Follow these tips, and your onsite content will soon flourish! If you are in need of any networking consulting or interested in learning more about SEO in Buffalo, contact our IT support firm today.


cloud services

Is your website easy to maneuver? Does it work across mobile platforms? Are you receiving regular traffic and traction? It's important to ask these and other questions since you're in business to succeed.

Were you aware that you have 10 seconds to make a positive impression on potential customers? In some cases, however, you may only have 3 seconds to make that first impression. According to eConsultancy, this is because 40% of your visitors may be abandoning your webpage if it takes longer than that to load.

Since there are even more users accessing the Internet via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, having a website that works across platforms is essential. A recent survey showed that 46% of mobile users experienced difficulties with web-page interactions, and 44% experienced difficulties with navigating website pages. You want their experience to be seamless, right?

When visitors are at your website, they want to know why they are there. Basically, this relates to your business purpose, mission, and what products and services you can offer them. Furthermore, since these potential customers rarely read more than a quarter of your website's content, you want that content to keep their attention. You also want them coming back for more on a regular basis.

You're probably aware that you need to have fresh content cycling through your website. If your visitors see the same content every time they visit, they may just take you out of their bookmarks. If you do cycle your content on a regular basis, and still aren't receiving much traction, you probably need search engine optimization services. When an SEO specialist provides you with SEO solutions, your website will have greater visibility. The result? You'll attract the types of customers that you want.

Are you making effective use of cloud services? If you're not sure, you may want to schedule a consultation to learn more about how cloud computing services can make a difference in your overall business operations. Depending on your business needs, there are a variety of cloud computing solutions available.

If you're not that familiar with cloud services yet, PC magazine explains it quite well. Basically, rather than storing your data and programs on your hard drive, they're stored on the Internet, according to this recent article.

If you would like to learn more about web development and cloud computing services, contact us today.

83154621 Subscription S1It's a new year, and a new year means new cloud computing trends. Cloud computing, which is the use of an online network to store, manage, and process data, is becoming more popular than ever. Clouds aren't gaining exposure solely in the digital marketing world either -- this technology can be found in basically every industry.

To stay up to date with cloud computing solutions, here are some cloud services trends to keep an eye on in 2017.

For a business to be successful in 2017 it has to have a great product or service, hardworking employees, and a strong emphasis on technology. Because technology is so vital to the success of business, IT consulting is more important than ever.

IT support companies are available for businesses that want to improve many aspects of their company that pertain to technology. Here are a few important reasons why you should work with professional IT support companies.

search engine optimization

It's easy for anyone to be connected via mobile applications. The worldwide revenue from these apps is estimated at about $35 billion, and this is including the ever-popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Social media is often seen as a casual tool for staying connected, but in reality it's crucial to building a professional web presence online. When used correctly, Search engine optimization and social media can be an incredible and helpful tool. Here's how.

1. Grows the number of followers you have
The number of followers you have greatly impacts your rankings. The more people who click on your website, the better! Plus small businesses have a little bit more of an advantage compared to mullion-dollar corporations in that Google can determine the quality of your followers. Even though quantity is not always the best when it comes to followers, it is incredibly easy to build your follower base with social media. By posting relevant articles, helpful tips, and open inquiries, you will soon have an interactive following which will share your information and help build your authority for potentially new followers.

2. Encourages external links
Social media encourages clicks to your website, which will diversify the backlinks you already have. Think of your social media accounts as a broadcast network, and the more viewers you have, the better! Your end goal is to improve your social reputation, which will in turn help you rank better within Google's algorithms as they will look for more authoritative websites.

3. Helps local SEO
Because you are a small business owner, it is important to think of your SEO solutions. What do you want to gain by investing in an SEO company and IT support? One SEO detail you need to focus on is local visibility, as you will want to attract viewers in your general location! Social media provides the perfect opportunity to engage your business within the local community, and by making updates whenever you are doing something in your town your viewers will be able to see it. After a while, this will go a long way in terms of boosting your local search engine optimization and more clients will come knocking at your door.

Looking to invest in search engine optimization services for your small business? Contact our specialists today!

cloud servicesConsider this -- one-fifth of all the malware that has ever existed was created in 2013. Worse, the rate of new malware development has only grown, meaning that it is more important than ever to protect yourself while using the Internet.

As cloud computing services become more and more available, cloud based networks are growing in popularity thanks to their ease of access and ability to store anything and everything. To protect yourself when using cloud services, follow these simple tips.

1. Be one with the clouds
First and foremost, make sure you understand the what cloud providers do. In simple terms, the cloud is an application that allows you to store files from anywhere and everywhere. Since it doesn't exist via a physical device, you can use any tablet, smartphone, or computer to access your files. Most individuals choose to use the cloud because of its storage capacity and its ease of access. However, these cloud services aren't always the most secure, which is why you should be vigilant whenever you upload information.

2. Do your research
As mentioned before, there are plenty of cloud computing solutions available to use. However, it is important to do your research so you know exactly what you are signing up for. Does your cloud automatically encrypt your files? Do they provide information to the government if requested? Do they own their servers or do they rent from another company? While some users may choose a lapse in security for convenience, make sure you are fully knowledgeable before you sign up.

3. Use secure passwords
While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked. Make sure your passwords for each cloud application differ and be sure to include a special character, an upper case letter, and a number. The best passwords are almost impossible to guess, and most importantly, make sure they go through a two-step verification system in case they are guessed incorrectly.

4. Encrypt your files
If you are not specifically using an application that encrypts your files, you should consider doing them yourself. This way, you will have another added level of protection in case a hacker gains access to your information.

There is no such thing as too much protection when it comes to using your cloud services online. If you have any questions or are concerned about your security online, contact our IT services professionals today.

cloud computing solutions

It is no secret that we live in a technology-filled world. But with these technological innovations comes a higher risk for cyber crime and data breeches. In fact, security, cloud computing solutions, and mobile devices are the top three IT services business owners are focusing on over the next year. However, the new year is just around the corner and with that in mind here are some security trends that are set to take over in 2017.

IOT attacks will increase

IOT non-human devices with weaker security will increase as they are being used more and more in drones and botnets. While there is no easy fix for this problem as there are just too many weak security options on the market, experts are hoping the owners of these technologies will follow simple instructions, such as using complex passwords and keeping up with vendor updates to protect themselves and their sensitive information.

Ransomware will keep getting stronger

Gone are the days where a single virus would ruin one computer at a time. Cyber hackers are becoming more and more adept at carrying out larger attacks, so ransomware is on the rise. These virus strains are so powerful that they can wipe out all the information on thousands of computers at a time. Whats worse is that the majority of these strains are undetectable and cannot be prevented until it is too late.

Internal threats are on the rise

Unfortunately, human error is a huge security risk. Lack of training and proper precautions can compromise entire systems, including all of a company's important data. In order to prevent this, business owners can invest in anti-virus and backup solutions, while providing adequate training for all employees. Or, if that is too difficult, consider placing limits on who will have access to the important data.

In order to prevent the unexpected, it is important to utilize network consulting services and choose the right cloud computing solutions for your business. IT consulting will provide you with the right cloud services, so you never have to worry about losing important data or putting your client's information at risk.

If you are interested in finding out how cloud computing solutions can help to secure the infrastructure of your business, contact the professionals at MVP today.

it support company

Whether you run a small retail business or a massive ecommerce corporation, the holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year. More so than any other season, it's important for your business to have satisfactory IT support during the holiday rush. A spike in web traffic and transactions are typically a good thing, but if your current IT services aren't up to the task, the consequences can can wreak havoc on your company's web presence -- and your overall sales.

That's why it's imperative that your IT support company understands the potential pitfalls your company's website could face this season and that they have the right solutions, should these incidents occur. Here are three of the top reasons why your retail business needs better IT consulting and support this holiday:

In many industries, the holidays mean an increase in web traffic and sales. In fact, holiday sales often account for a significant portion of a company's revenue stream for the entire year. That's why it's so important that your website is functioning properly and is totally accessible on countless platforms. If customers are having trouble navigating your website or placing an order, they're going to look elsewhere for products or services. If something on your site isn't working the way it should, you need an experienced IT support company to tackle the issue before the rush.

With increased spending comes the need for increased security measures, especially if you handle transactions online. Identity theft tends to occur a lot during this time of year, and small businesses aren't safe from attacks. In 2013, an average of 82,000 new malware threats occurred every day, and the numbers have only increased over the last few years. IT support companies can ensure that your website is secure and that any threats are taken down before they take over your system. If you fail to protect your customers and your business's sensitive information, the consequences can haunt you all throughout the new year.

Fast Fixes
If your server goes down during a peak time, that's bad news for your business. It's even worse if your IT support is on holiday, too. That's why it's so critical to have a competent IT support firm working for you. They'll be able to quickly diagnose and fix problems before a widespread outage takes down your bottom line. They can also advise you on the benefits of cloud computing services to make sure that your site doesn't experience frequent issues due to web activity that's unrelated to your site.

Are you getting enough out of your current IT support company? If not, now's the time to make a change. To find out more about our IT support for retail businesses, contact us today for a consultation.

search engine optimization

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are fast approaching. Now that Christmas and Hannukah are just a couple of weeks away, consumers across the nation are pulling out their wallets out and looking to spend.

So what does that mean for your small business? That you have to be as prepared as possible for the influx of consumers coming to your website! In order to handle all these potential customers, it is more important than ever to make sure your website is as optimized as possible and your search engine optimization is in tiptop shape. Here are some steps to take, to ensure your website and SEO solutions are both ready for the holidaysL

Start now rather than later!

Some business owners believe they don't have to worry about SEO until closer to the holiday season, but SEO is a long-term solution, not one that typically yields quick results. The holidays will fly by fast, so once you have chosen holiday specific keywords, write your onsite content and get it posted. The longer you wait to put those keywords into action, the less impact it will have on your website. You'll likely need to start making changes at least 45 days before a major holiday -- but if it's too late for your business this year, don't worry. You can still utilize other internet marketing solutions, like pay-per-click advertising.

Use holiday previews

It never hurts to hint at what is to come! This will create hype for your clients and encourage them to check back on your website regularly. Even if you have not completely finished your holiday prep, a quick sneak peak or sale announcements will add a buzzworthy value to your website.

Have an onsite audit

It is important to invest in routine network consulting services in order to make sure your site is performing the best it can. This includes checking the quality and quantity of your links, what keywords are ranking, and if you have shareable content. Plus, you will want to make sure you have a responsive web design, as 40% of consumers will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. To complete an onsite audit efficiently, an IT support firm that specializes in search engine optimization will be able to work with you with all you need.

Keep an eye out for our next segment on search engine optimization tips for the holidays!

search engine optimization

Struggling to draw more visitors to your business website? This is a problem facing many small businesses today. What you need is to optimize your site for search engines to boost your web presence. Search engine optimization can be tricky, but here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Identify your target audience
    When it comes to marketing, identifying your target audience should always be your first step. Who are you trying to appeal to? What is your typical customer looking for? What are their online behaviors? The more you understand your audience, the easier it will be to grab their attention.
  • Use a variety of keywords
    Once you’ve identified your customer’s needs and behaviors, you will be able to figure out what they’re searching for online. Search engine optimization depends heavily on keywords. You need to know which keywords they’re searching for in terms of your business and which of those words you can rank on. Don’t stick to just one important keyword, either. Make sure you’re using a well-rounded approach that incorporates all relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Blog well and blog often
    You can’t just throw keywords around carelessly. Use your keywords in the proper context in your blog posts. Blogging is one of the most important things you can do to boost your SEO strategy. A recent study from Hubspot revealed that small and medium-sized businesses with blogs received about 55% more traffic than those without blogs. Additionally, businesses that increased their blog posting from five articles per month to eight articles per month nearly doubled their leads.
  • Build a well-designed, mobile-friendly website
    Studies show that 40% of Internet users will move on to a different search result if the first website is not mobile-friendly. If your bounce rate is high, you’re going to lose traffic and even hurt your SEO ranking. Today, more and more people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices. Make sure you are always adapting to changes in technology.
  • Consult an expert on SEO solutions
    If you’re not a digital marketing expert, it’s better to rely on an SEO company for their professional search engine optimization services. SEO is complicated, time-consuming, and requires a lot of research and marketing industry know-how.


If you’re looking for SEO services in Buffalo NY, contact MVP Network Consulting today. They offer services in digital marketing, cloud computing, VoIP communications, and more.