website design

Website design is a powerful tool that will ensure potential customers have an easy experience with your website -- which increases the likelihood that they'll become a customer or client. Although it's not necessarily easy to optimize your website, there are a few web design tricks you can try to keep customers coming back for more.

Concentrate on your homepage
Your homepage should not be cluttered with ads, but rather it should be clean and streamlined. Have your polished, professional logo at the front and center of the page, and implement a easy-to-navigate tab system if you have multiple pages. Also, make sure that pertinent information -- your phone number, email, locations and hours of operation -- is visible on every page.

Less is more when it comes to pictures
Having too many pictures on your page can slow down your site. This is important; according to eConsultancy, a full 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Think of all the potential customers and revenue you can lose just by having a picture too many! Keep the pictures to about two or three per page, and make sure they are small.

Use color strategically
Again, less is more. Stay with a neutral color palette to project a clean, modern, and professional image. It is a good idea to concentrate the color on the page to specific keywords; this way the customer will be guided to important content.

Design every page as a landing page
Not only is this beneficial for your search engine optimization plans, but a website design that ensures every search leads to a landing page will make it easier for your client to navigate. Doing so will bring the client to exactly the page they are looking for, decreasing their frustration and increasing your conversions.

Optimize the page for mobile use
One of the best web services you can offer is to optimize your website so it is easily read on mobile devices. Considering that the majority of Americans use mobile devices daily, this is just one more way to increase customer satisfaction.

Website design doesn't have to be complicated. Our professionals at MVP are here to help!