1. Weak Security - New technology is being created and released every day. However, more often than not, these new technologies rush to market with consumers connecting them to their wi-fi without fully considering the security ramifications. These unsecured connections can pose a very real risk of hackers and cyber criminals gaining access to your network. With more and more employees working from home and using their own home wi-fi, businesses are left exposed.
  2. Social Media - Cyber criminals are not leveraging social media more than ever. Using personal information from social media profiles or targeting specific websites they know social media users are visiting are just a few ways hackers can be invited in.
  3. Mobile Malware - Virtually almost every device utilized now is mobile. That means these devices are traveling around connecting to different networks, wi-fi, and hotspots EVERYWHERE. If mobile devices are not fully secured the door is left wide open for attacks.
  4. Third-Party Entry - Entering through a third-party endpoint is the easiest way for hackers or cyber criminals to gain entry to your systems.
  5. Poor Configurations - Companies continues to regularly not customize and properly configure their security settings which can lead to major holes in networks and security parameters.
  6. Old Security Software - If security software is not updated, patched and monitored on a very regular basis when new malicious code comes out it will easily bypass old systems.
  7. Social Engineering - Utilizing social media to interact and psychological gain trust into somebody's network is perhaps one of the most malicious security threats but also effective.
  8. No Encryption - Protecting sensitive business data should be top priority however, encryption is a measure few industries choose to enable. Specifically, when it comes to healthcare, encryption is necessary for HIPAA compliance.
  9. Personal Devices - Whether an organization issues company devices or not, company information will end up on personal devices. Mobile Device Management is imperative for businesses.

Inadequate Security Technology - New security technologies will send an alert when attacks are being attempted as well as advanced threat protection to try and stop an attack BEFORE it happens. Companies and businesses alike should be investing in these types of software