Your web site is incredibly important to your business. Most people know this, but then when it comes to actually designing a site that's easy to use, they go a different way.

6 Ways to Improve Your Web Design and Increase Your profits:

  1. Make your site as simple as possible
    Your web design should not have a hundred or more pages for people to look through. Make it easy to navigate. You may know where to find items and information on your web site, but you need to make it easy for people who know nothing about you, your company, and your website to do the same thing.
  3. Simplify your site with fewer colors
    One way to really turn people off is to have a site that's so busy it can blind them. Even if your site does not do that, having overly intricate backgrounds or hundreds of colors only serves to distract people from the content. Lose some of the ornate designs and people who come to your website will be more able to focus on your content.
  5. Remember the 80/20 rule
    What's that? Web design experts estimate that 20% of your site is responsible for 80% of your traffic and revenue. Focus on that part to increase both. This also means that by focusing on the elements that make up that 20%, you will lose a lot of content that is distracting and off putting to your visitors.
  7. Repeat your messaging
    You need to repeat your message all the time on your web site. Many people only give a web site about 10 seconds to give them something. That's not a whole lot of time. Remember that people will only really register and pay attention to about 28% of the content on your website. You can up the chances that your message, slogan, or brand identity is part of that by repeating it on your web site. If you have a slogan, incorporate it into the logo and header of you website.
  9. Understand SEO
    Search engine optimization services (SEO) are very important. These can help your website appear higher up on a search in an organic way. When you consider that more than 90% of all web experiences begin with a search engine, and most of those start with Google, you can see how important it is to be up at the top. Many people never go past the first page of a search, so if you are below that, you may never be found. Make sure your search engine optimization plans are incorporated fully into your web design.
  11. Pay attention to your mobile site
    Make sure your site looks and works well on mobile devices. More and more people are using devices to look at web pages. Your web design can look perfect on a computer, but if it looks terrible on mobile technology, you can really hurt your brand. A whopping 46% of mobile web users complain that the pages are hard to load on their devices and 44% say they are hard to navigate. A full 40% will abandon a website and look elsewhere if the site does not load on their mobile device. If your website design plan does not include a strategy for mobile users, you will really miss out on a lot of business.


The way people use the Internet changes all of the time. The things we use with the Internet are also changing all of the time. Ten years ago, no one used mobile applications for their businesses. Now, global revenue from these applications is slated to top $35 billion. 

These new ways to interact with customers and clients can help you grow your business, but only if you take advantage of the opportunities and understand the pitfalls. You may have great products and services to sell and a great web page, but what do people see when they look at it on their smart phone? Keep these new technological advances in mind when working on your web design and it can help grow your business.


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