cyber securityFor any business owner, it is imperative to stay safe online. An entire system can be put in jeopardy by one careless user, so it is important to stay up to date when it comes to cyber security protection. Here are some tips that can protect you from cyber threats and help you become more vigilant online.

1. Understand that you can be a target
Never trust that you are protected from all threats. Cyber threats are real and will target anything in their path if there is not adequate protection. And while there are many smart steps to take to safeguard your business, no one is ever completely safe online.

2. Protect yourself from malware
Malware can be a powerful threat, and can cause you to lose important files and data. And this threat is growing; 20% of all existing malware was created in 2013, with an average of 82,000 threats per day. In case your system gets hacked by a virus, it is important to invest in quality data backup and recovery plans, along with discussing your options with a network disaster recovery planning company.

3. Practice good password management
As a rule, your password should have an uppercase letter, a special character, and a number included for extra security. The password should be something unique! Insecure passwords are one of the top culprits for a cyber hack, and in a survey of 38 million Adobe users, nearly two million accounts used the insecure password of 123456. You do not want to have a password that is easy to guess!

4. Be careful clicking links and attachments that come in emails
Generally, you should immediately delete any emails that come through from a sender you do not recognize. If you accidentally open the email, do not click on any attachments or links.

5. Be aware of what you plug into your computer
Your data can be threatened by infected hard drives, CDs, and even smartphones.

6. Be cautious of what you post on social network platforms
Cyber criminals can gain a wealth of information from what you post on social media, including where you are located, or when you are away from the office. You never want to make yourself vulnerable to cyber predators.

To ensure you have gone to all the lengths you can when it comes to security online, make sure to talk to a expert and have a cyber security assessment done on your system for your protection. The MVP IT support specialists are experts in security solutions and are able to help you with all of your cyber security needs.