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When you think of the two simple words "Pokemon Go," you may be thinking of millennials running the streets late at night, driving their cars into trees, and spending more time on their phones in order to catch them all. But what many don't know is that Pokemon Go is more than just an average mobile application, but more of a technology phenomenon.

And depending on how you feel about Pokemon and millennials, it's a harbinger of things to come.

Brave New World: Pokemon Go and the Future of Mobile Computing
Worldwide revenue from mobile applications is estimated to bring in about $35 billion, a number that has surely grown since the July 7 release of the game. Even though as of June 2014 there were 75 billion mobile apps downloaded from the Apple store, Pokemon Go boasts an incredible 75 million downloads in less than a month. One week after its launch, it surpassed Twitter in amount of daily users, Tinder for daily installations, and Facebook for average daily engagement by mobile phone users. And it is all thanks to cloud computing.

In simple terms, Pokemon Go creates an augmented reality world where Pokemon characters pop up in real world areas and entice Pokemon trainers to get off the couch and go into their neighborhoods to find them. The technology behind the app comes from Niantic Labs, a brainchild of the technology gurus at Google, Alphabet, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company.

This new company seems to be taking quite a different approach to their cloud based network, rather than developing their own like social media platform Facebook, they are choosing to rent the cloud services from a large, scalable server with locations globally. To get themselves started, Niantic did rely on their Google partner's cloud based network for IT support.

This cloud reliance is helping to develop the app as a social media and marketing platform. Because the Pokemon characters are randomly dispersed throughout town, they end up at different businesses, restaurants, even churches. Already, savvy retailers are inserting themselves into the game by purchasing specific animals that pop up at their shop. One pizza place owner said he witnessed a 75% growth in revenue since paying a measly $10 dollars to lure 12 characters to his establishment. This just further confirms Forbes magazine's prediction that four out of five small businesses will soon rely on a cloud based network for efficiency and accessibility.

Overall, Pokemon Go brings interactive web development right into the hands of users worldwide. It also shows how cloud computing is changing our lives in surprising, Pokemon-related ways. The application will only grow from here, so ask yourself will you be able to catch them all?