cyber security

Given the ubiquity of the Internet and cloud computing in our everyday lives, both corporations and individuals need to make absolutely certain that their important data is secure. Yet many remain downright cavalier about protecting themselves on the web. One 2013 study found that there were an average of 82,000 new malware threats per day, that nearly two million users use the insecure password of "123456," and that 20% of all the malware that has ever existed has been created in the last three years.

Considering this, it is no surprise that security as a whole is the number one initiative emphasized by IT executives as they plan for the future. Especially with recent reports of the federal government's personal breaches, data backup and disaster recovery is on many people's minds.

In a new report, the United States Federal Reserve discloses that they detected more than 50 security breaches between 2011 and 2015. During these four years, several incidents were described as acts of espionage.

The central bank's internal staff believes that hackers and spies are to be blamed for the majority of the incidents. These global banking systems play an important role in worldwide banking, since they contain extremely confidential information about discussions between countries concerning monetary policy and how to drive financial markets.

These reports were made available to Reuters through an Freedom of Information Act request, but the Feds declined to comment. These texts were heavily edited when they were made public, in order to keep confidential information secret due to the bank's security procedures. The records do not say who hacked the systems, nor do they report if any money was stolen or if sensitive information was accessed.

Moreover, these records only highlight a small number of cyber hacks experienced by the federal government, because they only include reports on cases including the Board of Governors. In a time where there have been numerous hacks on financial systems around the world, including $81 million stolen from Bank Bangladesh, this can be very unsettling news.

Cyber hackers are everywhere, and "internet security" can be an elusive entity. If the government can fall victim, so can you or your company. It is important to contact a trustworthy IT support company who can run proper cyber security assessments and give your business the cyber security protection it needs.

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