voip phone solutions

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is a way to connect your phone service over the Internet instead of regular analog phone lines. This form of communication is on the rise, as research predicts mobile VoIP users will reach a full one billion users within the next year. Unfortunately, many VoiP users can become confused about this service compared to a traditional phone system, so here are some frequently asked questions about VoIP phone solutions to clear up any confusion.

How does VoIP work?
VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over an Internet connection. Compare this to an analog phone, which converts your voice into a regular telephone signal before it reaches its final destination. Using a VoIP solutions provider will allow you to make a call from your laptop, and it will give you the ability to make a call whenever you are connected to the Internet.

What equipment is required for this service?
First and foremost, a high-speed broadband Internet connection is required. You will also need a computer, a VoIP phone solutions adapter, and/or a specialized phone to make the calls depending on the VoIP services company you choose.

Is there a difference between calling locally and long distance?
Each different service provider has different limits for what constitutes long distance. The provider may allow you to choose one specific area code -- different than the one you live in -- that you can call unlimited, or they will allow you to call anywhere in the nation for one flat rate. Speak to your provider if you have any specific requirements about long distance calling, to ensure you are not charged an arm and a leg every time you make a call out.

What are some advantages of VoIP?
There are many advantages of using VoIP phone solutions including:

1. It is easier to install, configure, and maintain than an analog phone.

2. You can easily add phone lines without any hassle.

3. Your phone number travels when you do, so you do not have to worry about changing numbers if you are working from home or traveling for business.

4. It is more cost effective than analog phones.

5. VoIP integrates with other business systems meaning that you are able to place an outbound call through your email, access your voice mail within your company dashboard, and even have a transcription service installed so you don't have to worry about taking notes during an important call.

VoIP is a easy-to-use business system that can streamline your daily activities to save time. Install a VoIP service to bring ease of calling into your office today.