Credential Stuffing

trojanHorse.pngEvery year it seems there’s a constant slew of major hacks at big companies that end up with millions of username/password pairs being compromised. These results in the real world are what’s known as credential stuffing. Credential stuffing is when hackers use long lists of stolen login credentials in a large-scale automated attempt to log into various websites. Therefore users should make their credentials more secure and not something not commonly used.

Banking Trojans

In network security terms, a Banker trojan- horse or (Banker Trojan) is a malicious program used to obtain confidential information about victims via online banking and payment systems. How a banking trojan works is it disguises itself as a genuine app or software that users download and install. Once installed it positions itself in a way to access your banking details. Once it has the login information, it can beam it back to the malware developer granting them access to your bank account. Easy right?

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography is the science of exploiting quantum mechanical properties to execute cryptographic tasks. Essentially, quantum cryptography is based on the usage of individual particles/waves of light (photons) and their intrinsic quantum properties to develop an unbreakable cryptosystem - essentially because it is impossible to measure the quantum state of any system without disturbing that system. It is theoretically possible that other particles could be used.