cloud computingCloud computing is becoming more widely accepted in the world of technology, with 82% of enterprises using a hybrid cloud strategy with 42% of IT decision makers increased their spending on cloud computing in 2015. The growth is expected to reach more than 60% of enterprises by 2018, so utilizing the cloud in your healthcare office will help you to evolve and meet the everchanging demands of the healthcare industry. Getting a cloud readiness assessment and a network assessment by an IT support firm will not only help you learn about cloud computing but will help your business run more efficiently. Here are four reasons why switching to the cloud will be beneficial.

Compliance with HIPAA Laws
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is federally regulated to protect health care information. It comes with a list of strict requirements by which doctors and nurses must abide by, and if they are not followed, there can be some strict penalties and fines. Using cloud computing is a great way for health care organizations to stay compliant with this law because of the advanced security it offers as well as data backup and encryption that helps preserve confidential information.

Smooth, Straightforward Information Access
Since doctors are so incredibly busy during the day, they are usually only able to view and go over patient records after office hours. But now with the cloud solutions, doctors can easily access medical records from the comforts of their own home and not have to log long hours in the office.

A Cheaper Option
Using this method will help doctor's offices cut expenditure as using the cloud saves you from having to pay for expensive hardware and infrastructure installation. Additionally, you will not have to pay for high maintenance fees or software updates. Doing this will also allow your practice to cut patient visit costs, making everyone happy!

More secure data backup
Medical records hold sensitive medical information and are very thorough and complex. It is important to keep meticulous track of your patient's medical records and have a backup plan in case of an unexpected disaster. Cloud service providers will offer you a backup for maximum protection and ease of mind.

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