network consulting servicesIf you've found that your business needs a stronger source of IT support, you may have decided that building up your own internal IT department is just a bit too far out of your price range and current capabilities. It's completely okay if your business's needs simply can't make room for a brand new department -- but that doesn't mean your IT needs aren't important enough to justify finding outside help! Working with network consulting services can be a great way to experiment with different IT solutions and troubleshoot areas of your network infrastructure without making a huge investment.

Here are just a few reasons why outsourcing to a network consultant can be a good decision:

    • Data backup and disaster recovery are things that all businesses can benefit from -- even the smallest of small businesses. Not only do network consulting services provide assistance for creating a disaster recovery plan, but they can also provide smaller solutions to implement on a daily basis that will make your network less likely to need a disaster recovery plan.


    • Overall data security is another important aspect of network consulting. You might really be surprised by how many smaller security mistakes your business is making! One survey of 38 million Adobe users found that two million of respondents all used the same password: "123456." Another survey found that there are, on average, about 82,000 individual malware threats sent out online each day.


    • Getting a network assessment is a key part of most network consulting services. Understanding where your network stands in terms of security, flexibility, and accessibility is important. This will help you figure out where the weak points are in your network before you make any changes or additions.


    • Many services also offer access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for businesses that need a little more control over their Internet access. Ongoing network assessments and security management can be part of this network management plan, which is very helpful for small businesses that don't necessarily have the resources to invest in independent, private networks on their own.


  • A unified communications and cloud computing network are, last but not least, another reason to work with network consulting services. Network consultants can provide managed network services that include several different types of communications platforms to fit the needs of your business. From VoIP services to web design and development, you can hit the ground running with a new communications platform or a new website for a better digital marketing campaign.

So how exactly can a network consulting service help your business? You won't know until you try it out!


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