momo.pngMomo, with its bulging eyes and stringy hair, reportedly appears on sites or apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube, sometimes in conjunction with kids’ videos meant to depict the popular game "Fortnite" or kids show character Peppa Pig. A trend called the “Momo Challenge” has been stirring up fervor in recent weeks. This terrifying doll asks the viewer to participate in challenges that range from innocuous to deadly including murdering and suicide. This “character” has been appearing around the internet for at least a year, according to international police agencies and news outlets. These videos are targeting children.

Educating Your Children

While the MoMo challenge is nothing more than a viral hoax, it still lays the underlying problem that your kids need to be educated and careful when on the internet, even if you think they are watching something as simple as their favorite kid show on YouTube. It’s not just this creepy character that kids need to be aware of on the Internet but of various things from disturbing content to cyber criminals aiming to extort information. 


To clear things up, this isn’t the first sighting of “the Momo challenge” but it has resurfaced, and people are still unaware of its presence on the internet. This is nothing more than an internet hoax that is reappearing that reminds us to watch over what our kids are doing on the internet and what they might be, being exposed to.