data backup and recoveryThere's no doubt about it: using technology of some sort is pretty much unavoidable these days, particularly for businesses that want to maximize efficiency -- and profits. Whether it's a simple email client, an e-commerce portal, or proprietary software, tech connects employees and clients, makes information easily available, and stores important data and information. But what happens if there is an accident, and your data disappears. What would you do?

For any business owner who plans on using the Internet for work purposes, it is crucial to invest in data backup and recovery. Here are some reasons why.

First off, data can disappear through a couple different ways.

Malware, aka computer viruses, are incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, it is easy to accidentally access one as there were on average 82,000 new malware threats per day in 2013 and that number is only expected to grow. One-fifth of all malware that has ever existed was created in 2013, so these viruses are constantly changing to meet new restrictions.

Human Errors
Sometimes no matter how experienced a worker you may be, there will be accidents. This is why you should always invest in a network disaster recovery planning company to handle all back up disaster recovery.

Natural Errors
There could be a power outage, a flood, or a snowstorm that can cause your computers to go awry. These in addition to sudden hardware failures account for the majority of data breeches.

Why invest in data backup and recovery?

Getting your business protected should be on the top of every business owner's to do list. Here's why.

Peace of mind: Business owners do many different tasks at once. One less thing they will have to worry about is the hassle of backing up their important data. Peace of mind in the workplace will lead to less stress in the long run.

Protect your clients: Your clients put trust in you to give them the services they pay for. If you loose their data, it could lead to a potential nightmare situation.

It is easy: One way to ensure you have the proper data backup and recovery is through cloud computing. With 82% of enterprises already utilizing this method, it has proven to be successful for many companies big or small. All you need is a cloud readiness assessment, and you are good to go!

Don't skimp on your data backup and disaster recovery. Contact the experts at MVP Network Consulting today to protect yourself!