cloud based network

Cloud computing is a practice that is usually surrounded by plenty of myths and false information. After all, with a name like the cloud, many users don't understand what to think! So check out the following myths in order to prevent any further misunderstandings.

Myth: Using a cloud based network is all about the money.

While cloud computing services can save you money, it is not the only reason why numerous businesses choose this method of storage. Some of the benefits include easy access for employees, increased security, and document sharing.

Myth: All clouds are treated the same.

This is not true. Some low-quality IT support services like to brand their storage options as being in the cloud, when in fact they are not. Some quote-unquote "clouds" are not nearly as highly protected as they should be, which increases your risk for a data breach. So if you are investing in an IT consulting company, make sure they are a reputable service that labels products for what they actually provide.

Myth: The cloud is becoming stagnant.

False! Worldwide, cloud based networks are becoming more and more reputable and popular. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon; in fact, by 2018 more than 60% of businesses will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms.

Myth: You can use your cloud based network to store just about everything.

While your documents will be protected under the cloud, as always there are some documents you should keep physical files of. This includes tax records, pay stubs, Social Security numbers, and any other information that can be used to steal an identity.

Myth: The cloud is less secure and more expensive than having your documents on premises.

False! Not only is storing your information on a cloud based network extremely secure, doing so provides immediate access for all your employees. Plus, utilizing the cloud is an easy way to save money as you will not have to invest in document shredding or any safes within your office.

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