cloud computingIt is not always easy to figure out the cloud, but business owners need to learn about cloud computing in order to help their business soar to new heights. This web hosting method has been proven to be successful in many enterprises nationwide. After all, of the 82% of companies that have a hybrid cloud strategy, 42% are planning to increase spending on the cloud in the coming years.

So when you go to an IT support company and get a cloud readiness assessment, it is important to ask the following questions so you completely understand the process and what you will be receiving.

The questions can be sorted into separate sections.

Business Background

1. Can you provide references?

2. How long have you been in business?

3. Have you worked with situations similar to mine?

4. Can you determine the best cloud option for our company?


1. Can I add or get rid of services if needed throughout my contract?

2. Do your other services such as security and compliance work across your cloud platform or is that a completely other package and fee?


1. Do you offer public or private cloud services? Can you explain the pros and cons of each?

Of those that use cloud computing, 88% use a public cloud, and 63% use a private cloud, so it is important to understand the differences of both kinds and figure out which type is best for your specific business needs.

2. How do your services compare to your direct competition?

3. Have you ever had any cloud outages? If so, how long did it last?

4. Do you offer any cyber security protection packages?

5. What are your back up disaster recovery solutions?


1. How do your prices work? Are your services priced monthly or annually per a contract? Do you offer one bill for everything or does it differ per service offered?

2.Do you run your cloud on one single pane of glass, or do you have other servers?

3. Do you use one platform for monitoring and alerting or are they separate entities?

It is important to invest your time and hard-earned money into a reliable cloud computing service. MVP Network Consulting specializes in the cloud and has trusted professionals that will work will all your needs. Contact us today to get started!