In the 1990s, perhaps you laughed when you heard someone bought a mobile telephone or a car phone for the first time. Who would need to answer the phone in the car? Of course, now, the government has to pass laws to stop people from taking calls behind the wheel. And for better or worse, most of us can barely remember how we functioned without our smartphones. The point is, telecommunications have gone through a radical shift in the 21st century, and ultimately it's a shift that's good for small businesses. 

That's because services like VOIP, or Voice over Internet Proxy, can deliver all your telecommunications needs at a lower cost than traditional land lines. Not only that, but you get all the benefits that come with other types of digital and cloud-based computing, like greater flexibility and tech support. There's a reason Forbes recently reported that four out of five small businesses will soon rely on cloud-based computing platforms.

If you're staring a small business, or considering upgrading your existing phone lines to a digital VOIP network, then consider the top seven benefits of this new technology:

    • Go Mobile: With VOIP enabled phones, you can route calls to your laptop or smartphone whenever you step away from the office. That means you're always connected, where ever you go.


    • Reliable: With the best VOIP providers, your system will be monitored and maintained 24/7.


    • Spend Less Time With Your Cable Company: If you've ever dealt with a cable company's legendarily awful customer service, then we think this benefit speaks for itself.


    • Save Money: VOIP services come in a variety of competitively priced packages, meaning you can almost certainly find VOIP options less expensive than traditional phone systems.


    • Save Time: Not only will you cut your telecommunications costs, but you'll also avoid the extra setup, installation, and maintenance fees that come with the phone systems of old.


    • Easy To Use: VOIP phones come with an intuitive user interface that anyone can understand at a single glance.


  • Did We Mention You Can Save Money?: In addition to saving on telecommunication costs, you can also save on Information Technology costs as well. That's because VOIP providers usually offer a wide range of IT services, like cyber security protection, data backup and disaster recovery, and all the latest cloud computing systems. Get your VOIP and IT services from the same company, and you could save a fortune on overhead costs.

It's hard to imagine days when cell phones were an exciting novelty. The days of T9, when you had to press a button four times to type a single "S." We've come a long way in 2015. So if you want your small business to stay competitive, it's crucial that you invest in the latest cloud computing technology. Surveys show that 42% of IT decision makers are increasing investments into the cloud in 2015. Why don't you start with VOIP solutions? There's a reason VOIP services are expected to become a $74.5 billion market by 2016. So if you aren't already using this exciting technology, you're already falling behind.