Chances are your business isn't just dependent on providing great products and customer service. While those are certainly part of what makes any company great, most today would be nothing without the computer networks they rely on daily. But what many small business owners don't realize is that their network could be holding them back. Getting an IT network assessment from a qualified firm, however, can identify network and security risks early in order to save frustration when business is in full swing.


With an IT network assessment, your business can identify its needs in these five key categories:


Network Setup Services
Are you looking to expand or alter your existing network, or do you need a brand new infrastructure put in place? An IT network assessment can take a look at your current network and determine where its strengths and weaknesses may lie. You can also take advantage of this service to have new computers installed or added to your network.


Cyber Security
Perhaps one of the biggest threats to businesses these days is the hacker activity, including the use of malware. An estimated 82,000 new malware threats were detected each day in 2013, the year when about 20% of all existing threats were created. Yet today the problem has only gotten worse, and it's costing businesses some serious money. Each data breach that occurs, whether it's for large or small businesses, winds up costing money to make amends and aggravating even the most loyal of customers if their information is stolen. Getting an assessment now can determine where the weak spots in your network are and how you can fix them.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Losing data can be an incredibly frustrating, costly, and time-consuming accident, but it's unfortunately easy in the age of hackers and simple human error. This is why inquiring about this service is so important. Some firms will perform backups as often as every hour or less, so you're never at risk for losing everything. Ask your IT professionals about how they can handle backup and recovery for your business. VOIP Services VOIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) is an internet-based phone service that eliminates the need for landlines. Many businesses prefer using VOIP because it allows for easy recording of phone calls, and it's not subject to the outages that landlines can face. It also doesn't require any additional installations or maintenance because it works with your existing internet infrastructure. A network assessment can determine whether or not your business needs VOIP solutions.


Cloud Readiness Assessment
Today's data storage doesn't just take place on hard drives or removable storage -- it's also in the cloud. Cloud storage involves storing and accessing information through the internet, and it doesn't even need to be stored on your own servers. This gives you instant access to files, applications, and other information from anywhere -- even a mobile device. Current estimates say that more than 60% of businesses will store at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based applications by 2018, and today, some already have a hybrid of physical and cloud storage for their businesses. Is your business cloud-ready? An assessment can help you determine what you need.


Have more questions about these services? Be sure to contact us today and ask about our IT assessments.