Michael NormanIn 2011 Norm joined our MVP Family in an entry-level technical role. When we decided to stand up a Help Desk department, he was tagged in to develop and lead it. For him, it is a dynamic and exciting work environment filled with interesting challenges and rewarding successes. In 2017 the Help Desk was rebranded as ‘Partner Support.’ Norm affirms, “Partner Support is far more accurate. We don’t just wait around for you to call us when something is broken. We are dedicated to helping you succeed and will support all or your technological needs.”

His goal is to recruit top level technical and customer service talent, while also fostering an environment that allows them to work as effectively as possible. He takes being a Director as an opportunity to serve. Servant leadership may be non-standard, but he sees it as the only way to provide elite level support at a price point that is relative to our market. “I take the term ‘Community Based Troubleshooting’ to heart. If we’re all working together, we can tackle any sized challenge with ease. And there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun while doing it.”

In his personal life, his primary focus is his family. He is happily married with two beautiful daughters, and also has third baby boy on the way. He also enjoys going to the movies and playing video games.