Aaron MontroisAaron ran his own business, a multi-channel e-commerce store, for thirteen years before joining MVP in Summer 2017. He has long been interested in technology, and built a fully-functioning arcade cabinet from scratch for the living room. Through his business, Aaron learned in trial-by-fire how to manage Linux servers, basic networking, and MySQL database administration. Aaron was already familiar with MVP through his wife, and thinks very highly of the people and culture. He is very happy to be part of such a great team.

Aaron enjoys solving tricky problems whether it’s getting a network up and running in a weekend, or beating the final boss of a video game. He has a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, which he still uses every day. Outside of work, Aaron enjoys brewing beer, watching the Atlanta Zoo Panda Cams, board gaming, and tattoos (he has many). Aaron loves movies; if it’s a good movie he’s likely seen it, if it’s a bad movie he definitely has. He hates mayonnaise with an unbridled passion.