What is Cloud Computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?  

Simply put, cloud computing is a set of pooled computing resources delivered over the Internet. The Cloud delivers a hosting environment that doesn't limit an application to a specific set of resources like a single file or web server.  Depending on the platform, an application can scale dynamically to increase its share of resources on-the-fly, allowing for a greater number of visitors and transactions without service degradation. Cloud services allow your applications to benefit from just-in-time provisioning and service scaling on shared hardware.


The Different types of Cloud Computing

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud

What you need to know
The notion that it's a good idea to move data and applications to public cloud providers, or even private clouds, is not always true. In the majority of cases, using public clouds adds a great deal of value. However, in certain instances, cloud computing doesn't make sense.

No technology is a good fit for everything. Yet both people and companies like to treat new technologies as a universal silver bullet, using it where it does not make sense -- a mistake they're repeating now with cloud computing.

The path to understanding if your data and applications should stay is via a simple analysis of costs projections around where you are now and where you intend to go. Make sure to model for the use of public clouds, looking for positive effects on both cost efficacy and agility. Then, model what happens if systems stay put or are deployed on new hardware and software that you purchase. Unless there is a business case for using public clouds, don't go there.

Avoid the tendency to make such big decisions around emotions or feelings. Cloud computing is cool and hip, so at first blush, it seems like the logical choice -- until you run the numbers. I'm bullish on the use of public clouds, but I recognize that you still have to determine where this technology fits into your organization, and where it does not. There are no silver bullets, and the newest option isn't automatically the best.

With MVP cloud computing services, we offer several “in the cloud” hosted solutions. MVP can assist in by colocating your existing servers at our state of the art data center and even help your company enhance productivity with our reliable email solutions.

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