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MVP Best Practice has been developed to make sure our partners make the correct technology decisions.  The notion that it’s a good idea to move data and applications to public cloud providers, or even private clouds, is not always true. In the majority of cases, using public clouds adds a great deal of value, however, in certain instances, cloud computing doesn’t make sense.

No technology is a good fit for everything.  Yet both, people and companies, like to treat new technologies as a universal silver bullet, using it where it does not make sense — a mistake they’re repeating now with cloud computing.

How can you determine if Cloud Computing is right for your company?

For almost every small business the benefits of Cloud Computing will either streamline their operation, provide better remote access, or simply save money.  Some businesses are fortunate enough to be able to move their entire operation to the Cloud, others can only move a portion.  So the better question to ask is: 
How much of my operation can be migrated to the Cloud?

For businesses with simple operations, often their entire infrastructure can be migrated to the Cloud.  For example: if your business runs with nothing more sophisticated than email, Office documents and QuickBooks–there’s no compelling reason to maintain an in-house server: these systems can be cost effectively migrated to the Cloud.

For businesses with more sophisticated requirements, software applications that are not cloud-friendly, or high amounts of data (IE: terabytes), a hybrid-cloud solution is great way to leverage the benefits of Cloud computing without breaking the bank.  For example: a business with a high volume of large, graphically-intensive files may opt to keep this data on-premise where it can be cheaply stored and efficiently manipulated, while migrating their email, Office documents and accounting software to the Cloud to reduce the number of in-house servers to maintain.

Ikram getting ready to present Cloud Computing to the Buffalo Niagara Dental Show attendees.

MVP is a technology company based in Western New York that helps its partners achieve there corporate goals through the intelligent use of technology for over 10 years. MVP helps businesses like yours create the strong communication foundations needed to ensure success. We build reliable voice and data networks that secure sensitive company data, promote organizational growth, improve team productivity, and generate competitive business advantages. 

Our goal at MVP is to provide technical consulting services that identify critical business needs and proactively develop long-term solutions that are affordable and ensure the needs of your business are put first. 

MVP area of expertise focuses on 4 areas of technology. 

1. Telephony Solutions – MVP is an AVAYA Partner and also offers HoPs (Hosted Office Phone System) 

2. Managed IT Services – MVP provides Managed IT support and maintenance for any size network with end-user help-desk support. 

3. Cloud Computing – MVP offers Public, Hybrid and Private cloud computing solutions custom tailored to your specific needs. 

4. Development Services and solutions – MVP has the development expertise in house to help you evaluate your business process and implement an ERP solution that will streamline your operations. MVP has also developed a custom hosted software solutions for the funeral business. MVP is a SAP Business One partner. 

MVP show you how your IT should be managed and converged to work together in a cohesive network environment.

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