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Hertel Avenue has scored another mural, thanks to the combined artistic approach of illustrator Mario Zucca and Zoom Copy. In case you’re wondering, this is not your standard mural application. Instead of having the work painted on the side of the building, the idea was to have it printed and applied. “A while back, I talked to Ikram Massabini (MVP Network Consulting) about applying a mural on the side of his building,” said Zoom Copy owner Rory Allen. “The wall begged for something, and Ikram agreed that a mural would be appropriate for the blank wall.”

Interestingly, Rory went online and conducted a search for Buffalo related artwork, and found a hand drawn piece by artist Mario Zucca, who was living and working in Philadelphia. The work of art was a playful Buffalo map that featured numerous images of iconic destinations that Buffalonians have come to appreciate as of late. “I brought the idea for the mural to Ikram, and he loved it. Then I showed it to Councilman Joel Feroleto, and he loved it. My company is able to take images like this and blow them up (vector format). Then we print panels and apply them directly to the walls. The 3M material looks exactly like paint, and it lasts longer. It’s also probably half the cost of a painted mural, and we can get them up pretty quickly and relatively effortlessly. Some people might say that it’s not art, but we’re taking original art and giving it a new life.”

Rory is very proud to be a part of this project. He’s also happy that he got a chance to take Mario’s artwork and show it off for Buffalo, in a larger than life approach. “This is a great lesson for artists,” Rory said. “Here’s a guy who is able to make a living by making these types of maps for cities that have a lot of hometown pride. Mario told me that he chose Buffalo because we have more pride than a lot of other cities. A few of his Buffalo friends helped him to choose the places around town that should be included on the map. Before the internet, this never would have happened. Now, he is able to sell the maps all over the world, and I was able to track him down for this project.”

Councilman Joel Feroleto is loving the idea of having murals populate North Buffalo. He feels that the murals bring more visitors into the neighborhood. And more visitors equates to more business. So far, so good. There is a new energy in North Buffalo these days. The murals go a long way to showing civic and cultural pride. Joel calls the North Buffalo mural effort “Hertel Walls”.



MVP Network Consulting is Named a FAST TRACK Company of WNY in 2016  


Buffalo, NY (July 20, 2016) – MVP Network Consulting is pleased to announce that Buffalo Business First – has named MVP to the list of Fast Track Companies in 2016. These are companies that have shown growth in sales and employment over a three-year period. MVP as well as the other winners will be honored with awards at an event on August 18, 2016.

“For years, through economic ups and downs, we’ve published an annual list of companies that are the very best performers in local business. They nail their numbers, with impressive growth rates.”  ~Buffalo Business First

Ikram Massabini“It is an honor to be receiving this award and to be contributing to the revitalization of our great city of Buffalo. Hard work pays off. The growth we have experienced that has allowed us the honor of being selected for the Fast Track 50 List for 5 years is due to our team’s commitment to excellence and dedication to providing world class IT services and support. It is humbling to receive such an award for so many years. I want to thank our team for their hard work and our partners for their continued support. Thank you!” (photo:  Ikram Massabini)

The entire list and event information are available at:

About MVP Network Consulting

MVP Network Consulting, is a full-service IT support company specializing in comprehensive IT solutions to businesses in WNY. MVP specializes in cyber security, managed services, cloud computing, web development/SEO, Phone systems, and more.  Learn more by calling 716.630.1701 or visiting MVP is based in Buffalo, NY. 





Rick Pope from Pope Law with Kevin Kirby - MVP Network Consulting
Mary Teresa and Ashlee from Sinatra and Company
Anita from True Bethel with Chris Galley
Waiting in line for Lloyd's Taco Truck
Greg and Jim Zilliox
Erik and Barb - MVP Hosted Phones
Josh from Buffalo Spree with Andy
Ethan and John from Team Health
Kyle from Barden & Robeson Corporation
Andrea and Gianna
Carol from United Frontier Mutual
Mike Norman, Delton Arno and Gary Rager - MVP Network Consulting
Stacy and Debbie from Hemophilia Center of Western New York
Genee from Kissling Interests with Steve Garrison
Ikram's Family
Stephen Myers from Gintzler Graphics
David Maziarz from City of North Tonawanda
Ikram's Family
Kevin Kirby with Danielle from Patterson Dental
Tina and Jill from Gosy & Associates Pain Treatment and Neurology
Melissa, Andrea, Joan and Sarah
Kevin from Intertech with Matt Dise
Lloyd's Taco Truck
Waiting in line for Lloyd's Taco Truck
Waiting for Lloyd's Tacos
Ed and Lorrie from the Hideaway Grille
Tracy from Key Resource Group
Waiting in line for The Sweet Hearth
The Sweet Hearth Food Truck
Lloyd's Food Truck
MVP Open House
Dave, Tim, Kevin and Andy from Intertech
Kim, Jowella and Brandi from Jewish Family Services
Rich Young and Family
Jeff and Heather Grapes from Dr. Ball's Office
Eric from HR Keller with Ikram
Allan Morris - MVP Network Consulting
Kathy from Kathleen Shannon
Andy, Elizabeth, Julie and Sarah
Jon from Aakron Rule with Allan - MVP Network Consulting
Eric -MVP Network Consulting
Joan having a good time at the open house
Having fun with the photo booth
Rich, Gary and Danielle - MVP Network Consulting
Elder Reed from True Bethel with Chris Galley
Diane from Associated Physicians with Kevin Kirby
Sarah, Julie and Elizabeth - MVP Network Consulting
John from Buffalo Staffing with Jim Zilliox
Pat , Nancy from Autism Services and Adam
Elizabeth, Steve, Ikram and Andy - MVP Network Consulting
Sarah, Allan, Pat and Marshall - MVP Network Consulting
Marshall and Alex - MVP Network Consulting




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